Monday, May 10, 2010

Heart of the Bride
is a wonderful organization that builds orphanages all over the world. Several years ago they started a business called Back to Africa producing and marketing these gorgeous paper bead necklaces. Ladies in Africa recycle old magazines and such to make the necklaces. Not only does it provide them jobs to help support their families, but when Heart of the Bride sells them the profits are used to help the orphans. Their jewelry has become hugely popular. I'v sold dozens right off my neck. Everytime I wear one someone ask me about it. Well, Im so excited to be partnering with them through the pottery jewelry. After I show them the process, my sweet friends at HOB ar going to take a kiln and supplies to Africa and train the women there how to make cross pendnts. They wont be exactly like mine, though. The women there will be adding their own flair then stringing them on their paper beads. The colors look fantastic together. We made a few samples to show off at Back to Africa's Grand Reopening May 7th and 8th. They have a brand new studio/HQ in Niceville and all are invited to come see it. The project begins in July so please be in prayer!