Monday, November 14, 2011


Congratulations H.A.L.O.! You are the winner of our contest for good causes!

H.A.L.O. (Hope After Loss Organization) is in the process of becoming a non profit. They make bereavement/memory boxes for local hospitals to give to mom's who lose a baby. Of course I love ministries that help new moms and babies because it is such a milestone time in a person's life. But, I chose H.A.L.O because they are just now getting off the ground. Starting a non profit can be incredibly expensive and I am inspired by anyone who would start a journey like that in an economy like ours. It is a step of faith to be sure!

So what did they win? We will be selling 10 pieces of a brand new design on the website for $25 that will benefit their ministry. We will post a link on our Facebook page Rebekah Blocher Designs for the next week. For every "like" AND "share" (you have to do both) the post receives, we will sell an additional necklace for HALO (up to 40 necklaces). You can help them earn $1,000 for their ministry by purchasing a necklace or by simply clicking your mouse.

But wait...there's more..

We were inspired by the other entries and have decided to create 10 pieces for 5 more worthy causes...

There is a NEW CATEGORY on the website called Gifts for Good Causes. Please share this with your friends on Facebook. It is a great way to support these great ministries while getting your Christmas shopping done. The pieces for the 5 ministries listed above will be available after Thanksgiving. The necklace for HALO is available right now!