Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Baby

How sweet is this!!! My garden is a disaster. It's been totally neglected all summer but somehow things keep managing to pop up. I have one cantloupe , one watermelon, and oodles of cayene peppers I have no idea what to do with. Does anyone have a good recipie for homemade hot sauce?

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Handmade 2010

Cindy Parker did a great job putting together this year's Handmade art show in Homewood! Her house looked amazing (as always), the weather was perfect, and all the artist's booths were beautiful. One thing I love about doing this show is it's one of the few times a year I can get together with both of my sisters. Rachael made crosses out of old wood and rusty old found objects, burlap pillows, chalkboards out of old doors, and other funky folk art type pieces. Julie brought her little hand stitched embroidered birdies down from West Virginia. She also brought something new this year...

Julie made these incredible baskets out of gourds. Each one was etched with her own designs.

Laura Stacy's butterfly tanks were amazing. They looked like they were glowing with the sun coming through behind them.

Friday, October 8, 2010

I just finished a brochure for Heart of the Bride's new campaign. How precious are these babies?!!!
NOW is an aggressive campaign to raise $365,000 by 1.1.11. They have so many incredible life-changing projects that have critical needs right now. Here are a few of the projects...

Multipurpose Ministry Building: Nehemiah Boys Ranch
Additional Space: Ukraine Orphanage
Nafasi Training Post for chidren graduating from the orphanage: Kenya
Maternity Girls Home Completion: Zambia

One of my favorite projects is their maternity home in Zambia. Since early 2009, abortion is on the rise in Zambia because of increased US government funding. Through the crisis Pregnancy Center led by our partners thousands of girls have given birth to babies that would have been aborted in recent
years. The NOW fund will provide for the completion of a larger Maternity Home giving many young mothers the real help needed to choose life. NOW offers a way for you to give directly to life.

NOW Campaign