Thursday, May 30, 2013

New Africa Necklaces

A sweet adopting family that has sold several of our fundraiser bundles called and asked us to work on some Africa necklaces for an upcoming event. They are adopting from Ghana which holds a special place in my heart because my twin sister, Rachael, moved there in January (One week after her wedding). She and her hubby, Ben, are the new foster parents to 5 boys and one dog named Subaru.

Rachael and Ben were featured in B Metro Magazine!
You can read about them on their blog

So needless to say as I got to work on my friend's Ghana necklaces, I got carried away. I'v made over 20 designs and am still going. They are so fun to make! I'm slowly but surely getting them uploaded to the website, but here is a sneak peak...

See more designs at