Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So much going on at once!!!

It has been crazy around here. Faith, Carol, and Dottie from Heart of the Bride had three work sessions with me this summer learning the ends and outs of pottery jewelry. The designs they came up with are fantastic. We will be showing them off this weekend at Market in Atlanta. You will be able to check them out on their website soon www.backtoafricastore.com

While Dottie and I are at Market, Faith will be in Africa training the women there. She will also be getting another group of women started making our drawstring bags.

It has been amazing to watch God work out all the zillions of details to make this project come together. It has been a huge growing experience for me in learning to trust and depend on Him.

Check out the adorable paper dress my sister Rachael Eden made to be the center of our booth at Market.

Take a look at her very cool blog....www.urbanedenal.blogspot.com

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