Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ministry Fundraisers

One way that our company has grown is through ministry fundraisers. These partnerships have reached to ministries throughout the world. God has faithfully allowed us to join what he is already doing around the world. 

Are you looking for a way to fundraise for your ministry? Compelled Designs wants to help support you! We can design custom jewelry specifically for your ministry.

In the past we have helped several different ministries create custom fundraiser pieces...

Village of Hope in Guatemala, a bracelet saying “Never Lose Hope” to raise funds for a new building to house special needs orphans

The Bartimaeus Project, a bracelet that saying "Walk" in braille on the front and the verse "We walk by faith and not by sight" on the back

Neverthirst, necklaces and bracelets with the Neverthirst logo to build wells in South Sudan

Mercy House in Kenya, necklaces and bracelets to support a maternity house for abused and/or abandoned mothers. Another necklace to help a mother who needed surgery after being severely burned

Lifeline Adoption Agency, Bracelets and necklaces for Mother's Day gifts to support orphan care projects

Back2Back Ministries, assorted jewelry pieces to support orphans and impoverished children in developing countries

Footprints Ministry, necklaces for mothers of babies in the NICU

Baby Steps , necklaces to benefit The Amelia Center, grief counseling 

  1. Come to us with your ideas for a jewelry piece. (or you can simply contact us and we'll brainstorm ideas to match your specific ministry) 
  2. If your ministry has a theme verse, let us know! We can write this verse on the back of the jewelry. 
  3. We only ask that you order a minimum of 50 pieces. (You have the opportunity to make $12 or more per piece!)
  4. Sell! Sell the jewelry to friends and family. Sell it at women's conferences, ministry events or for holidays.
Please contact us! We would love to hear about your ministry and how we can help you.


  1. Thanks for sharing this article, I've really enjoyed reading this. You've included some great fundraising ideas! I've recently discovered Tony Charalambides fundraising blog - you should check it out!

  2. Do you do fundraising for people who are looking to adopt?